Friday, March 5, 2010

Myanmar 2010

So much for blogging during my trip. Internet access was non-existent for the majority of my travels. I thought I'd be lucky because my hotel at my first stop in Yangon offered free wi-fi or a computer available. I tried Hotmail, Yahoo and my blog...Access Denied. Found out later that the government shuts down the internet every so often as was the case on this day. The government monitors internet users on a regular basis.

All my flights went without a hitch. A couple of delays. A forgotten transfer in Mandalay by the tour operator. All manageable.

The weather was nice and sunny. Did I say hot, too? Actually, it wasn't as unbearable as I had expected. The sun was strong and I had to buy sunscreen, which I had forgotten. It's the dry season and it's very dusty during this time of year. I must have breathed in and eaten a pound of dust during my stay. The rains will come soon and clear the skies.

I took over 400 pictures and I tried my video option on my camera. I'll send you a link to view all 400 of them if you're interested. Otherwise, here's a brief snapshot of my incredible trip to Myanmar.

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